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3 Position Clean


3 Position Clean

CrossFit Invigorate – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

250 meter row

20 walking lunges

20 air squats

20 PVC pass throughs

20- hamstring stretch with bands

hip stretch with band

followed by with bar:

10 deadlifts

10 hang cleans

10 front squats

Clean Position Holds

hold each position for 20 seconds with PVC Pipe

start position of clean


mid thigh




3 Position Clean

1 – Full Squat Clean

1- Hang clean (right about knee)

1 – Hip clean ( bar is at hips, shallow dip and fire under)

You will do a DRM today or a “daily rep max” work up in weight until you find a rep max for this movement. Don’t get too greedy when going for weight. Good rule is if you fail a weight 3 times, your done. After you will hit 95% and 90% of that DRM for 1 set each.

Example: if you hit 100lbs for your DRM then you will do

95lbs for 1 set


90 lbs for 1 set

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