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Coach Rob

Coach Rob


Rob played a variety of sports throughout his childhood. With an older brother who was into fitness Rob had gained an interest and started going to the gym. Over his four years in high school he continued to really fall for the sport of weightlifting, which eventually  led him to find an interest in Strongman Training.  After graduating  like most teens, no one is ever sure of what they want to do. Rob attended New England Technical Institute to earn a degree in Construction, however it  was not for him. His  real  passion  was health and fitness and  he knew  that  helping others improve their lifestyle is what he really wanted to do. So he went onto earn his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certificate (NASM)  to start training  clients.

He worked at commercial gyms helping people like his sister in law lose 35 lbs  from baby weight, to coaching  kids aging from 10 to college and pro level reach their elite athletic performance.  After receiving his NASM certificate and realizing how many  lives he can help improve he was really wanting to compete in Strongman and also help others in the fitness community. So he went on and received a Strongman Training Certificate from America’s Strongest Man Derek Poundstone.  With this Rob went on to compete in  competitions winning 3rd place and 2nd place in  multiple competitions over 6 years as an amateur athlete.  Aside from his commercial gym clients and athletes he was now training Strongmen and women.

Rob graduated high school weighing 150lbs and when he started competing in strongman he had reached over 270lbs! This is when he knew something had to change and was fortunate that he found the sport of CrossFit! Over a year period and CrossFit’s constantly varied, high intensity functional movements he had lost over 75lbs while maintaining and even increasing his strength, flexibility and overall health and well being. He loves being educated and helping others feel the same way, so once again he educated himself  and received his CrossFit Level 1 certificate and USA Weightlifting certificate. Rob`s goal as a box owner and coach is to help others obtain their goals  whether it be increase strength, lose baby weight, reach certain fitness levels or athletic performance, no matter what  your goal is he wants to be part of your journey.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT)
  • Strongman Certified
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer