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Jenn had received her Master’s Degree from the University of New Haven in Management of of Sports Facilities. She grew up playing sports all her life. She played softball, figure skated and played ice hockey. Her life was dedicated to Ice hockey from junior high school until college. She trained everyday for hours during season and off season to improve her athletic ability. During college she went on and played ice hockey for the Rhode Island Reds and Team Connecticut. When it finally came to the day where she now had graduated and there were no sport teams she could get that same amount of workout in, she knew she needed to find something. Jenn needed a way to stay fit and in general another hobby. Jenn gained the interest in health and fitness and one day before you knew it, she was competing in the National Physique Committee or otherwise known as fitness shows. Winning multiple titles and qualifying for nationals 4 times she fell in love with health and fitness and went on to gain her NASM certificate to help others reach their potential goals as well. Jenn is dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals.